Séminaire au « Department of Archaeology » The University of York

Dans le cadre de la collaboration pluridisciplinaire,  l’équipe d’archéologues de Richeaume XIII présentera un séminaire à l’Université de York le 4 Mai 2012.

Vivre et mourir autour de la Montagne Sainte Victoire entre le Ier et VIe siècle de notre ère

Life and death on the Sainte Victoire Mountain (Aix-en-Provence) between the first and sixth centuries AD, Fl. Mocci, G. Granier, C. Cenzon-Salvayre, T. Bartette, O. Craig and K. Walsh

The Sainte Victoire Mountain comprises a 1000-m high, 10-km long massif that stands out as an enigmatic form in the Aixois hinterland. Archaeological survey, excavation and environmental evidence from the mountain and its abutting plain will be presented within a framework that assesses population dynamics in this marginal rural area during the Roman period. We will consider the nature of landscape management and engagement with natural environmental processes. We will also consider issues of continuity/discontinuity of settlement and tenure, as well as practices associated with funeral rites. The principal case study employed is the Richeaume villa and associated Necropolis.